SOAR Adventure Tower is the ideal destination for your next Nashville, TN adventure. Our unique tower creates a safe and interactive atmosphere that features 4 levels and over 110 climbing elements that will challenge kids and adults both mentally and physically.

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At each platform you have access to 3 different elements.  There is no need to stand in long lines waiting for those in front of you to complete an element.  You can simply change directions and create your own experience.  Our layout also allows you to repeat and master any of the elements over and over again during your adventure. Throughout the Tower you will find one of a kind music themed elements that embrace the culture of the Music City.


Ground Level – Kids Course


The ground level features a separate kids course with 19 elements that is ideal for ages 4 and 7.  This section is a great opportunity for parents to interact and be engaged as their kids explore and gain confidence in their own abilities.


*Must be no taller than 4′ 9″.


Level 1


Located around 15’ above the ground visitors will experience a variety or simple and engaging elements that will build confidence and excitement for higher challenges.


*Must be able to reach a height of 5′ 5″ while standing flat on the ground with arms extended upward.


Level 2


This level has the perfect balance of elements for all abilities.  At heights around 30’ above the ground you can experience the adventure of testing your mental strength as you take on the challenges of each element.


*Must be able to reach a height of 5′ 5″ while standing flat on the ground with arms extended upward.


Level 3


At the top of the tower you will find yourself climbing over 45’ above the ground.  This level features an enclosed deck that is perfect for taking a break from climbing as you prepare for one of the most thrilling parts of the tower.  We included some easier elements on this level…. Walking across a bridge at this height can be challenging enough.  But for those seeking to push their physical limits to the test they can attempt the 12 Adventure Fit elements.


*Must be able to reach a height of 5′ 5″ while standing flat on the ground with arms extended upward.

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1.) What are the age and height requirements?

For the lower level kid’s course the climber must be 3 years of age and no taller than 4’- 9”. For levels, 1, 2, and 3 the participant must be 8 years of age and be able to reach a 5’- 5” height with their hand extended upward while standing flat footed. For participants under 12 years of age and able to reach the proper height must have an adult climbing with them.

2.) How long is the admission for?

Your Adventure Pass is valid all day. You can take breaks and return to climbing as long as you stay on the premises. The typical experience is 2 to 3 hours.

3.) What to wear?

We recommend athletic or comfortable clothing for climbing. Tennis shoes are preferred, but any closed toe shoes will be accepted (except Vibrams or any other style of 5-toe shoes). Long hair must be pulled back. No necklaces or lose jewelry. Rings, watches, or sunglasses should be removed before climbing. Pockets MUST be emptied when climbing (no keys, wallets, cell phones, etc.)

4.) Are there lockers?

SOAR Adventure provides lockers at no cost for participants on a first come first serve basis.

5.) Are reservations necessary?

We require groups of 10 or more to make reservations ahead of time due to availability planning, but it is not necessary for smaller parties of less than 10. You are welcome to either show up as a walk in or book individual reservations through our “Book Now” section.

6.) What can spectators do while others are climbing?

We have a great covered picnic area that overlooks the tower that is perfect for spectators. We also allow those not harnessed to walk on the base platform around the kid’s course.

7.) Can food and drinks be brought in?

We only have a limited offering of food at this time so we do allow individuals to bring in food or have it delivered. We do ask that beverages are purchased at SOAR. We do have a drinking fountain as well.

8.) Where can we eat?

We have a great covered picnic area with tables that are on a first come first serve basis. We also have multiple grassy areas around the tower that can be used for picnic style eating.