Fun Activities for Quality Family Bonding

Fun Activities for Quality Family Bonding

Play mini golf in Nashville, TN, from climbing to miniature golf, Soar has fun activities and family activities for all ages!

Every parent knows that family bonding is something that is so important to take part in whether you have little ones or teenagers at home. Doing little things together like watching movies, having family dinners, and talking about each other’s days are great ways to build up family bonding. And even on our busiest of days, it’s important to always implement and encourage family bonding.

Family bonding doesn’t have to be boring and painful; there are a plethora of different, fun activities in Nashville, TN, that you are your family can take part in together that will help to build and promote closeness and love. Here are some fun family activities that promote quality family bonding time.

Fun Activities for Family and Mini Golf in Nashville, TN


Mini Golf

Mini golf is a timeless family activity that’s great for bonding. Not to mention, it’s the perfect opportunity to take part in some friendly competition. Each mini golf is unique from one another, so you’ll never have to worry about your kids becoming bored with this great family activity. Check out your local mini golf Nashville, TN course for fun activities for your next family outing. SOAR Adventure park offers putt putt golf in Nashville, TN.  Our mini golf course is 18 holes of putting fun and the outdoor course embraces a Music City theme with holes that are shaped like musical instruments. Miniature golf is a fun time for the entire family! Play mini golf, today!

Create a Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Putting together a scavenger/treasure hunt is a great way to spend some quality time together and get your little ones off of their electronic devices. Write up a list of creative clues or draw up a map for your kids to use in their search for hidden items. If you decide to go the treasure hunt route, you can find fake jewels and gold coins at any dollar store. When making the map, try soaking it in coffee or carefully burn the edges to give it an old, historic look.

Family Activities – Game Night

Family activities that are fun and simple work too! Nothing says good-natured family competition better than a family game night. Pull out some of your kid’s favorite board or card games and start the fun! For more fun, let the winner of the first game pick the next game everyone plays next, and so on. Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, get creative and have your family come up with their own board game! Snacks are always a great touch to a game night, too.

Have a Family Camp Out

Camping doesn’t always have to take place at the lake or in the mountains, grab your sleeping bags and tents and have special camp-out in your backyard! Or, if it’s too chilly a night for that, the living room works as a great alternative, too! A camp out is a great way to promote creativity while spending quality time together. So, grab your blankets and s’mores makings and get your camp out started!

DIY Dinner

Take one night out of the week and let your kids cook alongside you. Make your own pizzas are always a fan favorite, but if you want to get a little more creative, you could have your family make their own quesadillas, ice cream sundaes, sloppy joe sliders, tacos, skewers, you name it! This is a great way to teach your kids a little bit about cooking while having fun!

Climbing for Outdoor Family Fun

If you are looking for outdoor family activities in Nashville, TN, you should check out climbing at SOAR Adventure! SOAR has a ground level Kids Course that is ideal for ages 4 and 7!  The ground level features a separate kids course with 19 elements.  This section is a great opportunity for parents to interact and be engaged as their kids explore and gain confidence in their own climbing abilities. On the Kids Course a child must be no taller than 4′ 9″.  Older kids that meet SOAR Adventure’s height requirements can check out the rest of the Adventure Tower! The unique tower creates a safe and interactive atmosphere that features 4 levels and over 110 climbing elements that will challenge kids and adults both mentally and physically.

Whether you want to cheer your child up after a rough day at school or are looking for something new and fun to do on the weekend with your family in Nashville, TN, these fun activities for family are sure to provide ultimate entertainment, while allowing parents and children to spend quality time with each other.




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