Fun Spring Break Activities You and Your Kids Will Love

Fun Spring Break Activities You and Your Kids Will Love

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We love our kids, but sometimes, it can be a tab bit difficult to keep them entertained with fun activities, especially during the days when they aren’t in school–winter, spring, summer breaks. Luckily, the weather is on our side and with spring break around the corner, it’s time to come up with some fun activities in Nashville, TN, that both you and your children can participate in. Depending on how active you keep them during this spring break, early bedtimes and relaxing, peaceful nights might be in store for you!

Here are a few fun activities to do with your kids during this spring season

Venture out on a day trip

With the fresh spring weather at it’s finest, it’s time to get outdoors and let the sun warm your skin. The best way to do this? Take a day trip! Keeping the kids cooped up in the house will only result in a lot of boredom-induced mischievous behavior. Sometimes, a fun day trip is the perfect remedy. Take the time to sit down with your kids and come up with a list of nearby places they want to visit during the break. Throw the places in a hat and have them draw one. Depending on how long their break is, this is something you can do frequently.

Play mini golf

Miniature Golf is an inexpensive, quality family activity that almost every kid loves to play. Not to mention, the whimsical courses make playing this beloved game all the more fun. Mini golf is a great way to get the family together, but it can also provide more than just fun and family time. Mini golf can be great for reinforcing math skills by having your kids calculate their score on each hole, while supplementing hand-eye coordination. Mini golf in Nashville, TN is so much fun that your kids won’t even realize they are practicing math!

Grow a green thumb

Beautiful spring days are meant for gardening! Grab your trow and some plants and teach your kids how to have a green thumb. You can even take them to a nursery and have them select the flowers and herbs that would like to put in their own spring garden. Teaching your kids how to grow a garden is a wonderful way for them to develop an appreciation for nature, while implementing responsibility.

Catch the rainbow

This is an activity that’s quick, fun, and a little messy at the same time. Take bubbles to the next level and create rainbow soap foam bubbles with your kids. All you’ll need is 2 Tbsps. of dish soap, ¼ cup of water, food coloring, and a mixer. If you have a big, plastic storage container, you’ll want to empty it out for this fun activity. The electric mixer makes the water and the dish soap turn into big puffs of foam that are fun to play around with. The food coloring adds the extra touch by creating pops of color. This is an activity that’s sure to keep your little ones occupied for quite some time. Also, if you don’t mind some foam in the bathroom, this can also be a fun activity for your kids to do in the bathtub.

With these fun activities handy, your kids will be highly entertained during this springtime season!


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