Fun Team Building Activities

Fun Team Building Activities

Team building activities in Nashville, TN, group outings, birthday party, fun activities and a fitness activity at SOAR adventure park.

Team Building Activities in Nashville, TN


No matter the age and purpose of the activities, team building exercises promotes success, productivity, and motivation throughout all disciplines. For adults, team building activities help to highlight each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Working together in these activities is something that can be translated into their workplace when they are required to work together on the same projects. For children and young adults, team building activities are essential to their growth. Many of these exercises encourage self-confidence, self-esteem, empathy, and compassion. Team building teaches kids how to work together through communication, creating a more productive environment. For the ultimate team building experience, check out SOAR Adventure’s team building activities in Nashville, TN! The adventure park is the ideal destination for team building, corporate events, and group outings. SOAR’s unique tower has 4 levels and 110+ climbing elements that challenge kids and adults both mentally and physically. Climbing is ideal for team building and corporate wellness. For kids, working with a climbing partner is a great way for them to learn about working with others as part of a team, and about trusting others to provide the help they need to navigate an obstacle. For more on the benefits of climbing for kids, click hereBook your team building event, today!


Here are a few examples of team building activities that are both fun and effective:


  • Human Knot: The Human Knot is a team building exercise that relies solely on communication and teamwork. With this exercise, the more challenging the better, which means large groups of people are ideal. In the Human Knot, everyone needs to stand in a circle facing each other. Standing shoulder to shoulder, they will put their right hand out and grab the hand of a random person (preferably one that’s not directly next to them), and then the same with their left hand. The group will have to work together to untangle themselves as much as possible without releasing their hands. Excellent communication and teamwork is the key to success in this game.


  • The Minefield: The objective of this team building activity is to employ good communication skills, trust, and listening skills. For this game, you will need blindfolds and small objects spread throughout the course (i.e. cones, balls, etc.). Each person will need a partner–one of which will be wearing the blindfold. The other person must guide their blindfolded partner throughout the field with verbal instructions. The goal is to not step or bump any of the objects on the ground. A good partner will be able to instruct their blindfolded partner safely with excellent, detailed instructions.


  • Truth and Lies: This is a fun game that can be used as an ice breaker and involves a bit of detective work. Each person will need to come up with three facts about themselves and one lie–keep in mind, this lie must be persuasive and not anything extreme or exaggerated. Going around in a circle, each person with state their truths and lie (in any given order) and the rest will have to determine which is the lie. As an ice breaker, this game helps each person learn something about each other. It also is great for introverts to speak up and share something unique about themselves.


Although team building games serve as a learning opportunity, they can also be plenty of fun. These games allow each participant to learn more about each other while showing different ways to work together as one efficient team. For adventure team building in Nashville, contact SOAR today!


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