Happy Miniature Golf Day!

Happy Miniature Golf Day!

Play Miniature Golf Nashville, TN!

Two balls and a club for miniature golf in Nashville, TN, putt putt golf for all ages, climbing and mini golf passes available at SOAR!

Miniature golf is loved and played by all ages in Nashville, TN, but did you know miniature golf has it’s own national day!

Miniature golf has its own national day, September 21, and turns up in pop culture: Homer and Marge of The Simpsons conceived Bart in the windmill of a mini golf course and Adam Sandler refined his short game at a miniature golf course in Happy Gilmore.

It’s a far cry from the early days of miniature golf, which began in St. Andrews, Scotland, in 1868 because women were not allowed to complete a full back swing; with an 18-hole mini golf course, women wouldn’t have to drive the ball. In 1927, a Chattanooga, hotel owner built a mini-golf course on Overlook Mountain, hoping to draw traffic to his property, and three years later, it hosted the National Tom Thumb Open, America’s first mini golf competition.

His course was different from other forays into mini golf. It had hollowed-out tree trunks and gnomes. It was, writes Nina Garfinkel and Maria Reidelbach in “Miniature Golf,” “a way of reinforcing the Never Never Land atmosphere the inn strove to create.”

Carter’s brainchild became a fad. In August 1930, the Commerce Department estimated that of the 25,000 mini golf courses in the country, more than half had been built since January. A Popular Science Monthly article, “Why Midget Golf Swept Country,” credited Carter’s “theatrical appeal.”

In those early days, builders used green-dyed cottonseed hulls, or sometimes asbestos, to make the putt putt golf courses. The habitués, Collier’s magazine reported, included everyone from “society women” to “truck drivers” to “girls and boys of 8 or 10.” Soon, players hit balls through mini-jungles, and occasionally past the claws of caged bear cubs. There were Wild West courses. Mary Pickford (“America’s Sweetheart”) opened Wilshire Links in Los Angeles.

By the ’50s and ’60s, the local putt putt golf was a family destination and a fine place to bring a first date. As DVDs and video games have families increasingly glued to their digital screens, miniature golf course owners have adapted to the new technology by replacing windmills and clown mouths with interactive challenges and animatronic characters.

Click here to see Travel + Leisure’s list of America’s wackiest mini golf courses.  While these mini golf courses may be fun places to visit while on vacation, if you are looking for miniature golf  in Nashville, TN, look no further than SOAR Adventure, off of Interstate 65. The putt putt golf course embraces the Nashville Music City theme and mini golf is fun for all ages!  Play miniature golf, today!

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