Team Building Activities for the Spring: Get Your Team Outdoors

Team Building Activities for the Spring: Get Your Team Outdoors

Springtime is just around the corner, and after a long, cold winter, we bet that everyone is itching to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. With the start of spring, it’s the perfect opportunity to start planning some fun, team-building activities that will get you and your employees outdoors. What better way to strengthen the bond of your team while enjoying the fresh air than with some quality team building activities? 

Outdoor Team Building Fun

Team building activities held in the fresh air allow your employees to not only have fun, but to bond even more with their coworkers. Coworkers who get along great and work well together inside and outside the office will only contribute to the success of your business. Outdoor team building activities will motivate your team, help them develop new skills, and get to know one another better. Reward your team for all their hard work this year with the chance to take part in some exciting, outdoor activities. Here are a few activities you can do with your team:

  • Sports Challenges: From relay to three–legged races, various sports activities are a great way for the team to work together while having fun. These interactive games provide the opportunity for employees to share rewarding experiences and most importantly, build a better work relationship. For exceptionally beautiful days, through in a bbq after the sports challenges end and allow downtime for employees to enjoy the weather and mingle together. 
  • Blindfold Challenges: Blindfold challenges are a great way for employees to build excellent listening and communication skills with one another. Partner each team member up and have them do various tasks together. One should be wearing the blindfold while the other guides them. Consider setting up a maze or an obstacle course for employees to navigate. 
  • All Aboard: All Aboard is a fun and effective team building game that requires employees to work together to achieve one goal–fit together in one small space. Using a rope, each group member must find and inventive way to fit together within the dimensions of the rope. After the group successfully achieves this, the space will get smaller and smaller. 
  • Birthday Line-Up: Standing in a straight line, employees much get in order according to their birth month. Sounds relatively easy, but here’s the catch: they aren’t allowed to speak to one another. Hand gestures only! Once they correctly put themselves in order, switch it up a bit and have them get in order by height, favorite color, etc. 

With these fantastic team building activities, you and your employees will truly be able to strengthen bonds and continue the success of your business. Get outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun while participating in fun activities for the whole team. 

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