Top Tips for Selecting the Best Summer Camp For Your Child

Top Tips for Selecting the Best Summer Camp For Your Child


Kids climbing, playing mini golf and doing fun activities in Nashville, TN at SOAR Adventure Summer Day Camp.

Fun Activites for Summer

Summer vacation is in full swing and families across the US are soaking in the sun and enjoying the summer-fun around them. Summer is also the season when parents start the hunt for fun camps for their children to participate in. Whether it’s a sleep-away camp or a day camp, summer camps provide children with the tools to be more resilient and independent. While the separation between parent and child can sometimes be a bit challenging (for the child), it teaches them positive ways to cope with the temporary separation, while building their social skills and their confidence. Most importantly, summer camps show children how to have fun without the need for smartphones, TV, iPads, and video games. There are even camps that help supplement education, preventing any summer learning loss. With so many camp options available, finding the right one for your child can be a tricky task. If you’re looking for fun activities in Nashville, TN, check out SOAR Adventure Park! SOAR’s Summer Day Camp is a great way for your child to have fun this summer while making friends, and pushing their limits in a safe environment! Kids will have a day full of fun activities and adventure while climbing and exploring the tower obstacles, playing miniature golf and more! Contact SOAR Adventure to learn more, today!

For now, here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the right summer camp for your child:

  • Always include your child in the decision process: As a parent, you always want the transition process of your child being at home to being away at camp to be smooth. By selecting a camp that your child has no interest in attending can quickly make that smooth transition very difficult. Always include your child in the decision of what camp to send them to. Ask them if they have any ideas of what kind of camps they would like to attend and go from there.


  • Look for a camp with a good balance between education and fun: If it’s your goal to send your child to a camp that stimulates education to reduce learning loss, it’s ideal to find a camp that offers a healthy balance of education and fun. Look for camps that offer entertaining, educational games and fun activities. Not only will your child enjoy themselves during the summer, but the educational aspect of the camp will allow for an easy back to school transition.


  • Make the decision between sleep-away or day camp: The decision between sleep-away and day camp is certainly a big one. Is your child old enough to spend nights away from home? Do they tend to make friends easily? Have they ever showed signs of separation anxiety? These are just some questions to ask yourself if you’re considering sending your child to a sleep-away camp. You want your child to have the best experience possible at camp, and if they seem to have a hard time being away from home, a day camp is probably your best option.


  • Do your research: Before selecting a summer camp for your child, be sure to do research on each camp’s credentials. You’ll want to look at different reviews, articles, websites, and more in order to have all the information in front of you. For the best suggestions, ask any friends or family members that have sent their children to camp and see what their feedback is.


Choosing the right camp for your child this summer will ensure they not only have a blast and keep busy, but that they will also meet new people and make memories that will last a lifetime.


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