Unique Family Activities to Keep Your Kids Active

Unique Family Activities to Keep Your Kids Active

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If you’re a parent to a little one, then you understand the importance of keeping them healthy, happy, and active. In a generation that is so technology-dependent, it’s so important to take the time and make sure your child takes a break from the TV or their devices. Yes, we know that this can be a challenging task, but with the right game plan, your kids will look forward to these fun family activities each day.

Here are a few unique family activities that will help keep your kids active


Scavenger Hunt

This is an enjoyable activity for kids, as it tests their mind while keeping them entertained and having a great time. Choose 10-15 various small objects that can easily be concealed and place them on a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ checklist. Hide the items around the house and backyard area and tell the kids to check off the items as they find them. For more of an educational twist, incorporate riddles in your checklist. Your child will have to take the time to read the riddles and use critical thinking in order to find the hidden items. If incentive peaks the interest of your children, then up the ante and offer a special prize to the winner. Maybe a trip to the ice cream shop? Or maybe extend their bedtime an extra hour? The possibilities are endless!


Play Miniature Golf in Nashville, TN

Miniature Golf is a popular family pastime and a great activity to get your kids up and active while spending quality time together! Miniature Golf is fun in so many ways and a game your kids are bound to love to participate in. From its fun color clubs and golf balls to the creative golf courses, mini golf will inspire family-fun competition. If you are looking for miniature golf in Nashville, TN, look no further than SOAR Adventure! Our adventure park mini golf is 18 holes of outdoor putting fun that embraces the Nashville Music City theme.


Tic Tac Toe

This is a creative way to play a popular board game without the board! Draw a 3×3 grid with sidewalk chalk or build it from sticks, pool noodles, etc. Collect three objects–rocks, balls, shells, etc.–of one color and three objects of a different color, as these will act as the ‘X’s’ and ‘O’s’. Get your kids together and enjoy a fun and unique way to play tic tac toe!


Freeze Dance Party

Get your little ones moving and shaking with a mini dance party. Turn off the main lights, grab some glow sticks (bonus points if you own a mini, electronic disco ball), and turn on some quality dance music. To make this activity even more fun, turn it into a freeze dance party. Mom or Dad, you get to be the one who randomly pushes the pause button. When the music stops you stop, too, no matter what dance move you were busting out. A freeze dance party is sure to keep your kids fully entertained! Plus, it’s also a great way to wear them out a bit before bedtime!


Aside from the above-mentioned games and mini golf, there are a plethora of fun and active things that you can do with your kids all year round, no matter the weather in Nashville, TN! Parents, we know how important it is to keep your kids active and healthy, and we also know the challenges of pulling them away from the TV, which is why we came up with these entertaining family activities for you to do with your children. Not only will these fun activities keep your kids entertained, it will also give you the opportunity to instill more family time!


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