Guys, I am SO excited about Franklin’s (my town’s) latest attraction. It’s so good I almost don’t want to tell you about it. Seriously, I think it topped the Escape Game. I want it to be my little secret. However, it’s far too cool to remain a secret for much longer, so I might as well be the first to tell you. Soar Adventure Tower just opened up and it rocks.

My little sidekick tagging along for interviews and photos.

the tower
This tower appears to be a series of ropes courses, but it’s much more than that and not exactly that at all. It consists of 115 obstacles that range from easy to medium to hard (or blue, red and black). There are 4 levels. The first (ground) level is for children who cannot reach 5’5 yet. Three is a good age to start, but Luna was dying to try them already. The next 3 levels are for anyone who can reach with their hand up to 5’5. The obstacles get harder the higher you go, BUT there are at least a few easy ones even on the top level so that everyone gets to experience playing around 50 feet up in the air.

This aerial adventure park is designed by a Germany company, but it’s is locally owned and operated. The owner, Kevin, is family man from Michigan (former NBA mascot), he has 5 super cute kids and he sincerely loves working and running a place that the entire family can enjoy. He told me about a special needs teen who spent three hours on the course and left feeling strong, capable and so proud of himself. The entire staff was in tears. Just a few days ago a 72 year old women braved the course and thanked him for opening a park that allows senior citizens to be adventurous and brave too. That’s the great thing about Soar…it’s for everyone.

Husband mastering one obstacle.

Luna’s GrandDude on the surfboard obstacle.
It truly allows you to pick your adventure, goes as fast or slow as you want, make each obstacle easier or harder and even repeating them as much as you want. Since there is no route to follow and so many different paths to take, you are never waiting in line. There can be a hundred people on the tower and it still won’t feel crowded. I can see the place being used for so many different events…parties, corporate events, team building, date nights and I’ll of course be taking all of our visitors there (I’m looking at you Danica). If you do have a party or event, feel free to bring food and set up shop on the picnic tables on their covered deck. If you show up on a Thursday night than expect free live music too.

Luna snacking with her Great GrandPappy
Soar Adventure is only just getting started too. They’ve only been open for less than two weeks (the landscaping hasn’t even been completed), but they are quickly becoming a very popular attraction. Within the next year they plan to expand and O EM GEE I want to tell you what their plans are, but it’s just TOO good. You’ll just have to wait and see what comes. However, I will tell you that soon they will offer a version of cross fit (Adventure Fit, if you will) on the top level obstacles AND yoga on the top deck. I am so definitely attempting both of those!

I should probably mention that the Tower is incredibly safe. You are in a comfortable harness with two belay systems so you are always hooked into the safety line. I don’t know how to describe how the carabiners work, but I’m pretty sure it’s magic.

Honestly, I could say so much more that I like about this place, but you should probably just check it out yourself. It is a little pricey at $45/adult, but it’s worth it and if you fall head over heels for it than you can always purchase a membership and lower the price a bit. You can learn more here and when you check out the tower tell Kevin and his giant adorable family I sent you!

I fell at this exact moment.

P.S. A tip from me to you: start on the top and work your way down! You do not want to be tired when you get to those top obstacles.

Source: My New Favorite Adventure

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