I would like to let you know that Soar Adventure Tower has been featured in “21 Best Things to Do in Franklin”.

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SOAR Adventure Tower in Franklin, offers an interactive and safe environment, and includes more than 110 climbing features spread across four challenging levels that will test both children and adults physically and mentally. Guests can access three different elements from each platform, preventing having to wait in long lines for people in front of them to complete an element. They can instead just change their direction and experience the Tower their own way. The Tower’s layout is designed to offer visitors with an opportunity to repeat and master any of its climbing elements as many times as they like during their visit. Throughout the adventure on the Tower, guests will come across unique musical elements that showcase the Music City’s culture.

At Ground Level is the Kids Course. This course is a separate adventure course suited for children. It features nineteen climbing elements designed for children ages four to seven. The climbing course is an excellent chance for parents to be engaged and interact with their children as the kids gain confidence in their abilities as they explore the different climbing elements. To participate in the Kids Course, children must be no more than 4’9″ in height.

Level One is situated about fifteen feet from the ground. On this level, guests have the opportunity to experience an array of engaging and simple climbing elements. These elements are designed to create excitement for the challenges higher up in the Tower and to build confidence in visitors. Those wanting to complete the challenges in Level One must be at least 5’5″ in height with their feet flat on the grounds and arms extended upward. Visitors at least this height can also explore the two levels further up in the Tower.

The climbing elements on Level Two are the perfect skills balance for all abilities. This level is about thirty feet from the ground, and tests the mental strength of visitors as they experience the challenges and adventure of each climbing element it has to offer. Level Three is more than forty-five feet from the ground and is the top of the Tower. It includes an enclosed deck that is great for anyone who want to take a short break before taking on the most thrilling elements of SOAR Adventure Tower. While some of the climbing elements may seem easy on this level, like crossing a bridge, the fact that guests are so far up from the ground make them more challenging. The Tower also features twelve Adventure Fit elements that are designed for guests who want to push themselves to their physical limits.

SOAR Adventure Tower ensure the safety of its guests by using the FALLSTOP® ADVENTURE SAFE LINK SSB®. This is the most advanced and smartest belay system designed for high ropes courses and aerial adventure parks. Once the interconnected carabiners are attached, only one can be opened at a time, ensuring climbers are never detached from the safety lines.

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